What's Going on at Brenda's?


Half-Price Pizza Monday is a weekly invitation to party! [Last HPP Monday for 2016 is Monday, June 13th, 2016]

Hey, Home Slice!

Stop in any time and count on more than a few familiar faces. Brenda's is a celebration hang-out with a menu that screams big groups and team spirit. Famous for family album and Facebook appearances, it's the natural place for birthdays and reunions. But if you ask, you'll find that sometimes the party is just in honor of the crazy good pizza. No special date, just a lotta love... and anticipation. Our Spirits Menu has some awesome, special Craft Beers and "once-in-a-while" unique beverage choices. It's always a party!

Whether you've driven for hours or minutes to get here, we're the cozy, neighborhood pizzeria, a place for getting together and sharing life's good stuff... the "extra cheese!"


THE ABBONDANZA brings star power to parties and celebrations. It’s a twenty-six inch blockbuster that plays it pretty cheesy… but the critics and the crowds love it!


Are you chasing sunshine or powder? There’s always a stellar view from our spot on the lake. Keep an eye on the prize while you relax and check out the menu.

Coming and going

Ask about ways to be creative with our services. We have options galore like Cater-Out, Carry-Out & Take N' Bake (bake at home), and you can come by boat or snowmobile!