Did you know?  We buy local and use Farm Fresh Produce from our local farmers at Garrett Growers!

Soon we will be receiving our first delivery of fresh local grown produce of the 2015 season and we’re excited!  We have always taken pride in the fact that, here at Brenda’s, we use only the highest quality ingredients to bring our recipes to life and create that signature Brenda’s Flavor!  Having fresh locally grown produce available only enhances the process. 

For the past few years we have partnered with Garrett Growers (a co-op of local farmers) to purchase fresh, locally grown produce.  In the beginning that meant fresh fruits and veggies were only available during the late summer months, (If you know Garrett County then you know that the growing season is pretty short!) but we took advantage of what we could get.  Through the years these amazing folks have used strategic planning and season-extension techniques to produce more and more fruits and veggies to meet the demands of restaurants in our area.  Now, thanks to these efforts we are able to offer fresh produce in many of our menu items for much of the year.   

So the next time you crunch into one of our signature salads or a crispy slice of our Hand-Crafted pizza loaded with veggies just remember…that’s Fresh 'N’ Local! 

For more information on Garrett Growers visit garrettgrowers.com