The Annual Mountain Maryland PACE Event [Positive Attitudes Change Everything] will be held on January 22- 23 this year and Brenda's Pizzeria wouldn't miss it! It's all about the positive and that's precisely how we roll. We're taking two representatives from the Pizzeria and joining Trader's Coffee House & Ace's Run (our sister restaurants) for 2 days of home-grown public relations (and schmoozing) and maybe a tiny bit of R & R.

The purpose of this gathering, in our state's capitol, is to share our wares with members and leaders of the Maryland General Assembly, County Commissioners, economic development officials, chamber of commerce leaders, and Mountain Maryland citizens and engage in meaningful discussion of topics related to commerce and tourism. Besides having the opportunity to extend an invitation to potential vacationers from the state and private sectors, this gives us a chance to hear what's happening (from across the state) with education, transportation, economic development & our ever important natural resources. We're a well-known vacation destination, but it never hurts to reinforce your strengths and make sure the message is crystal clear.