Gift Cards






C’mon, Give’em What They Want!

It’s what every birthday boy and girl, proud graduate or exceptional student is hoping for… a Gift Card with a side of independence.

 Anniversary and holiday gifts can be tricky to nail, but this is a “dinner plan — in hand!” It's a treat
everyone can use, no matter how grown up they are.

Remember, wallets and pockets aren’t the only places to stash the treasured Gift Card. They’re safe in cookie jars, desk drawers & cupholders in cars. Yes, they’re awesome when you use them right away, but the biggest smiles come when they pop up for a second surprise… way after
the party’s over.

Pick up Gift Cards at Brenda’s or if you aren’t in the area, we’ll send them right to your front door or the
lucky recipient’s! Just email your request to

Please include your name, daytime phone number, and a brief description of your gift card request.  We will contact you within 24 hours to complete your order and send it on its way!